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Computer repair by Nu Addition is located in the Miami area and services Bal Harbour, Sunny Isles, Aventura, Hallandale, Wilton Manors, Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood FL and surrounding areas. They offer not only home solutions but business and smartphone solutions as well. Nu Addition also offers 24 hour availability, along with free pickup and drop off.

When it comes to home computer repair we specializes in not only PC computers but laptop computers as well. And since finding the right tech to assist in a home computer repair job, we make sure to offer the most options possible for fixing your computer. Our home computer repair solution consist of computer maintenance, computer disaster prevention, data recovery, printer set-up and anti-virus programs. The options are limitless when it comes to entrusting your home computer repair to Nu Addition.

If you find yourself struggling with viruses when it comes to your home computer, office computer, or laptop Then Nu Addition computer repair can assist with virus removal. when it comes to virus removal ,large or small you can find yourself with a huge headache when trying to rid their computer. We take away that headache by offering fast reliable virus removal through their professional software. Our virus removal services is affordable, quick and effective.

Whether you need laptop repair or PC repair, you can definitely look to Nu Addition to give you what you need. We specialize in computer tune-up, which is a necessary part in maintaining a function PC. You can not only get a laptop repair order but you can get a computer tune-up as well.

Nu Addition also services small businesses when it comes to getting a computer tune-up and laptop repair. so if you need a computer tune-up Nu Addition is the company to consider.
If you are looking to get your small business serviced they also offer small business computer repair as well. Whether you are looking for PC repair, laptop repair or wireless networking, Nu Addition does it all. Wireless networking is on the top of our list when it comes to small business computer repair. They also offer wireless networking for home computer repair as well. Wireless networking is not all they do, they also offer email setup for not only small businesses, but they also offer email setup for home computers as well. If you just so happen to have trouble with your email setup, then this company may be your ticket to success. Email setup is they specialty and they have tons of happy customers. No matter the situation, small business computer repair isn’t too much to handle.

Outside of small business computer repair, they handle printer setup. NuADDITION can help you with your printer setup with no problem at all. Printer setup can be done at your home, your small business or can be picked up by the company. With this company, printer setup is quick and simple as well as informative. They can explain to you how to handle your next printer setup in just a few simple steps. Setting up your Network printer can be a hassle just as well as setting up a regular printer. If you need assistance with setting up your network printer, then you can call Nu Addition 24-7 to help you through the process. Along with setting up your network printer, Nu Addition will guide you through the process if need be so that when you come across setting up another network printer, you’ll be ready to go.

Not only does this computer repair company handle computer, PC’s, and laptops. We also handle data recovery, smartphone repair for iphone, ipad, ipod, Blackberry and htc phones. Since iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry and htc Phones are in such high demand, it is imperative that someone is capable of fixing them when they break. Data recoverysmartphone repair is something that they have serviced many people for. Most iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry and htc phones handle data on a daily basis, losing that data can be costly to the average person and or the business person. Yes, smartphone repair is extremely important and can be handled effectively by Nu Addition. If your ,iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry and htc has crashed and you need your smartphone repair then you may want to check out Nu Addition.

For the wonderful freelance workers who just so happen to work at home. We are capable of handling water damage. Most people who work from their computer has had major water damage a time or two. And water damage isn’t an easy thing to clean up. This company can reverse the water damage to not only your computer but your laptop as well. Whether you have an slow computer from warter damage or used up memory. NuADDITION can handle lcd repair for those who have a laptop and have a broken screen. we all know that lcd repair isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish but we had lcd repair down to a science. So if you have a laptop that you think isn’t worth anything anymore due to a broken lcd, allow NuADDITION to perform an lcd repair and show you all is not lost.

Along with an lcd repair, you can also look into getting broken screen repair which is also another thing computer owners deal with. If you have a broken screen and feel as if all is lost. Then you are wrong, NuADDITION handles broken screen repair with ease and for a reasonable price. Broken screen repair is something a lot of computer companies have trouble handling. But we had taken the time to add broken screen repair to our resume.