Laptop DC Jack Repair

dc jack repairOne of the most frustrating issues with owning a computer is when a part breaks on your laptop or if it isn’t functioning properly. For many people, their laptop is a necessity for work and at home. Laptop repair help shouldn’t have to cost a fortune or take a long time. NuAddition Computer Solutions offers laptop repair help with our commitment to affordable and efficient service.

A common issue that we run into with laptops is DC power jack repair. A faulty DC jack can cause issues with charging your laptop, and losing connection when the power cord is moved. Sometimes you may notice the LED light is flickering due to power interruptions. There can also be cracks within the jack itself or a broken section that cause the power cord to not work properly. Trying to fix your laptop at home can cause further damage to occur. With DC jack repair we can fix or replace the damaged section to restore the laptop to working order.

This type of damage can happen when the cord is used frequently or due to manufacturer defects. Accidental damage can occur as well if someone trips over the cord, or it is pulled out quickly. Whatever the cause for the issue, we have technicians who can replace broken DC power jack on your laptop with ease. Our experienced professionals, who have training with different brands and models, best perform DC power jack repair. As a locally owned business we can solve this issue promptly for you.

With many repair companies, they choose what option is the easiest solution for them. Our service-oriented staff will choose the best option for you in repairing your computer. Rather than replacing expensive parts immediately, we examine the laptop to see if we can fix the damaged parts first. Rest assured knowing that our company is focused on honest and quality service.

At NuAdditions, our company technicians are experienced and qualified to replace broken DC power jack on your laptop. Our experience providing excellent service for laptop computers doesn’t just stop with DC jack repair. NuAddition Computer Solutions offers maintenance services, virus removal, onsite repair, and even data recovery. While you have your laptop repaired, you could also have us perform routine maintenance or data backup, so that your laptop returns in the best condition possible.

We are community focused, and have been serving the area for seven years. Our company provides affordable, knowledgeable repair, with an emphasis on customer service. We serve multiple areas within Florida as well. Let us work on your broken laptop and provide you with excellent laptop repair help. You can contact us today at +1 954 654 7777, +1 754 423 3581, or email us at

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