Network Setup

Internet Network Setup

Internet access and speed is affected by your network setup configuration. There are two choices: Wired connections – meaning that a long cable connects your computer to your Internet router – or wireless connections (no cable).

The majority of home-based and small business owners aren’t certain whether to choose a wired or wireless network setup, how to install wired and/or wireless network setups or whether to use a small business server setup.

Wired network setups: If you prefer a “wired” network setup, we’ll ensure that you use that your computer is connected properly to your Internet router – with the right cable. Our first step: Configure the network connection between your computer and router. The right wire won’t help if the computer network configuration inside your computer is wrong!

Wired networks have less flexibility. To move a wired computer around your home or small business office, you must first disconnect your computer from the cable – which means that you immediately disconnect yourself from the Internet as well. No more surfing unless you reconnect the cable to another router in another room. Needless to say, it’s complicated and not much fun.

The benefits of wireless networks and wireless routers:

  • Wireless network setup benefits include the ability to move your computer anywhere in your home or office without removing or connecting a long cable.
  • Wireless printers require a wireless network setup. Perhaps you have several printers in your home or small business. In the “old days,” network printing meant a jungle of cables. No longer. Your network printer setup can include as many printers as you like – and still not ruin the view.
  • Wireless router connections typically move at faster speed. But not all wireless routers are created equal. Some work faster and more efficiently than others. We’ll help you select the best wireless router for your home, home-based business or small business needs.
  • Wireless network configurations also make easy to connect to WIFI networks outside your home (Starbucks, for example).

Small business server setup. Small businesses and home based businesses often require a small business server setup – your own private server or a server shared with a small number of individuals or businesses. Don’t let a faulty business server setup put your business off-line. Wireless small business setups can help you move forward at a faster pace.

Service excellence is our motto. If you’re looking for help with the most effective network configuration, the best wired or wireless router, network printer configuration or business server setup, we’re only a call away.

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